We have extracted some of the most common and popular consumer experiences one may face either prior, during or post shifting and have tried to address them. Let’s have a look at what our customers have in their mind…you may also be hovering with the same thought.

Relax! We understand your concern. Our revolutionary concept Trucking Cube (Container) has emitted our customers’ this problem too. Amongst the available different sized cubes, you can choose the cube according to the size and volume of your consignment and pay for that space only which your consignment is occupying on carrier.

Absolutely! It’s only our company in the whole industry that offers such kind of considerate service. We have devised special containers named Trucking Cube (Container) that let you hold your goods at the destination place for the desired time period. After 24 hours, nominal halting charges will be applicable. This cube is an absolutely safe and cost-effective way to store your goods at the destination place and will be moved to your new home within 12 hours’ notice, all at your convenience.

Of course. You wish; we fulfill! We have made special arrangements for relocating your plants along with your household goods. Our carriers are provided with an open tray that is fitted on the trailers near the fuel tank. The plants being carried get watered at regular intervals and remain healthy throughout because of unobstructed ventilation.

No! We lend an ear to you and plan such a package that lies in your budget. We don’t have any hidden charges. None of our employees or officers will ask you to pay a penny more than the quoted deal. We stick to our promises, no matter what!

Don’t worry! We have a well-managed team in our company that has been entrusted with the task of dedicatedly settling all the claims on the priority basis. We promise to settle everything within an utmost two-week time period.


Yes! We have incorporated Special Card Board LCD/LED Screen Cases in our packing materials. These wooden cases are rugged from outside to protect your high-end LCD/LED from any external harm, and because foam is embedded in these cases, they are cushiony soft from inside so as to embrace the delicate screens.


Easy! We transport your goods through our closed carriers that protect your goods or cars from the weather’s wrath and also from debris or dust.